On the trail of Peter Rosegger

No other person has left such lasting traces in the region and throughout Styria.
Peter Rosegger’s works have not lost any of their fascination and relevance.

There are two of Peter Rosegger’s stories about events in Ratten in the "Ratten Infobox":

"How I gave the dear Lord my Sonntagsjöppel."

"How I went out with the thresel and came home with slurry."

There is so much that reminds us of his growing up as a country lad as well as his later life and work:

In the forest home and along the Peter Rosseggers Kulturstraße you will find the sights that run from the communities of MürzzuschlagKrieglach/AlplSt. Kathrein/Hauenstein, Ratten, Fischbach and Langenwang ...

More on the anniversary

Among the listed Internet address you will find even more information!

Also interesting are the pages of the municipality Krieglach - Roseggerfestpiele 2013. 

More information can be found at

We wish you many hours with Peter Rosegger in his forest home!


Book tip (German): More information on Peter Rosegger, and the region where he lived and affected, has been published by the Rosegger association "Waldheimat" Krieglach in the picture book "Das Krieglacher Waldheimatbuch".

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