Hiking in Ratten and the surroundings

Mountain nature trail

The nature trail inspires young and old alike with numerous constructional testimonies to their times around the mine that was closed in 1960. Follow the path from Ratten to St.  Kathrein, a charming and lovely town, which also played an important role for infrastructure in the last century of mining.

Art and themed trail

The "moon trail",  an approximately two hour round trip on the Galitzenriegel offers 8 stations for relaxation and reflection. Each station shows in astral motifs pictorial form by the renowned Rattener artist and illustrator Alois "Luis" Tösch (details on Jogllandart zone).


A 20 minute walk along the natural Feistritz, the trail is ideal for small tours. Upon reaching the destination, you will find the hotel "Zur Klause" with its truly masterful kitchen and the hospitable service of Monika Posch www.zurklause.at.

Pretul hikes

The Pretul is the local Rattener mountain. The many trails of various lengths and altitudes are suitable for guests of all ages and physical conditions.

The "Rosegger shelter" at the peak of Pretul is a popular destination. The popular host Kurt Fischer widely known for his jokes, and his wife Hertha shall spoil you with culinary delicacies from the region of eastern Styria.

Tip for walkers and nordic walkers:

Our riding paradise pony stable has different offers for guests who appreciate the Nordic walking as a sporty alternative to traditional hiking.

More information can be found at Grenzenlos Reiten (boundless riding).

Book recommendation:

"Joglland hiking compass" for the native forest and the Fischbacher Alps: You buy the hiking in the Tourist Association Ratten and on


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